We finished up our 4-County Fair this past week with our fair livestock auction on Wednesday. What a great Fair we had, Thank you to all, especially the Fair Board, for making it such a great event. It won’t be long and choppers will be rolling in this part of the country. I strongly encourage you to chop more this season. The best way I know how to combat these hay shortages we’ve seen is to create more roughage. An extra few acres of silage cut could go a long ways for the average cow/calf operation! I’m guessing alfalfa looks like an awfully good cash crop right now!

***Attention Fed Cattle Sellers****

Starting Jan 1st, Tyson Foods will require their fed cattle sellers to be Beef Quality Assurance certified. We will be hosting a BQA certification meeting Thursday, August 29th at 6pm. Hamburger meal provided. This event is free of charge and will satisfy the requirements asked by Tyson Foods. Any questions please call the office.


Next Special Calf/Yrlg Auctions is Friday, August 24th and Friday, September 7th. As several new crop calves are entering the market we really encourage you to get your calves green tag vaccinated if possible. Best premiums paid on vaccinated calves.


Fed Cattle/Weigh Cows Tues, Aug 7th:

Fed cattle were $1 higher. Again the market appears to be a bit toppy short term. I’d be happy to be wrong about that. Weigh cows were $1 lower.  Weigh cow marketing’s are up 9% from 1 year ago and up 15-20% from 2015. Also this is the lowest price on weigh cows since Dec 2009. Right now it seems pretty simple it needs to rain in dry parts of the country and slow this liquidation down!

Fat Cattle (151 head):

Str. Top - $113

Str. Choice - $109-$113

Str. Select/Choice - $105-$108

2-Ways – $114-$121.25

Hfr. Top - $111.35

Hfr. Choice - $108-$111.35

Hfr. Select/Choice - $104-$107

2-Ways - $109-$114

Choice Holsteins - $no test

Select Holsteins - $no test

Fat Hfrts. - $80-$90

Weigh Cows 291 head):  

Top Cows: $68-$73

Bulk: $57-$67

Low Yield: $50-$55

Premium Bulls: $88-$93

Bulk of Bulls: $80-$88

Cutting Bulls: $85-$105

Preg open hfrs: $105-$120

Hfrts: $70-$90

Bred Female Auction, Tues, Aug 7th:

We had over 300 cows on our special on a good and active market. Top fall breds were $1550. I love fall calving cows and wish we ran more in these parts of the country!

Next Bred Cow Special
Tuesday, August 28th.

Feeder Cattle Auction Fri, Aug 3rd:

On the fifth anniversary of Jim Sr’s passing we hosted our 68th Anniversary special calf/yrlg auction. He’d have been awfully proud of the quality of cattle that were presented throughout the day. He’d have been so thankful for all the buyer support showed. Finally I think he’d have been overwhelmed by the status of the market and how strong the trade was. This was the 68th time Mom has got to celebrate our customer appreciation day, working right beside us all the way. From Mom and all the staff at the Dunlap Livestock Auction we give you our sincere thanks for letting us serve you! Here are some results of one of the most active markets we’ve ever been a part of! Thanks to all the cattlemen who helped grill all day.

9   Strs 484# @ $212.00

24 Strs 404# @ $200.00
14 Strs 560# @ $185.50
14 Strs 580# @ $183.00

13 Strs 605# @ $178.00

22 Strs 681# @ $171.25

49 Strs 721# @ $174.25

21 Strs 762# @ $168.00

77 Strs 805# @ $165.25

19 Strs 812# @ $165.00

33 Strs 867# @ $158.00

60 Strs 904# @ $154.50

20 Hfrs 406# @ $187.50
77 Hfrs 556# @ $172.50
19 Hfrs 569# @ $169.50

22 Hfrs 579# @ $168.50
29 Hfrs 616# @ $167.00
33 Hfrs 664# @ $166.00

90 Hfrs 673# @ $161.50

44 Hfrs 756# @ $155.75

69 Hfrs 865# @ $140.50