Last weekend’s storm left ugly conditions around the midwest farms & feedyards. Luckily by midweek the weather got more favorable & the 10 day forecast looks more promising! As far as a marketing week we had 6 livestock auctions here in 8 days. Special shout out tour crew that put in a record number of hours in the last 8 days! Thank God for overtime they say! I say you deserve it! The consolidations in agribusiness keep happening at an alarming pace. There are no reasons that crop input costs are going up except for the fact that there isn’t enough competition in that market place. We must DEMAND that our anti-trust laws are enforced or pretty soon we’ll all be employees for the few major ag corporations. Rural America was at its finest Saturday night in Dunlap when a fundraiser was held for local fire & rescue department. It was cold outside but the heat was turned up in the parish center and it appears somewhere over $175,000 was raised. As most rural communities know we are so blessed to have a wonderful Fire & Rescue department!

Fed Cattle/Weigh Cows Tues, Dec 4th:
Fed cattle were $1-2 better! Weigh cows were basically steady with Fed cows about $10 higher than the lean cows. Unfortunately the weigh cows have been consistently cruddy for some time. Please note our Christmas week auction is Friday, December 28th. We will be selling fed cattle & weigh cows that day!
Fat Cattle (278 head):

Str. Top - $116.25
Str. Choice - $112-$116.25
Str. Select/Choice - $108-$111
2-Ways – up to $120.
Hfr. Top - $115
Hfr. Choice - $112-$115
Hfr. Select/Choice - $108-$111
2-Ways - up to $120
Choice Holsteins - $76-$80
Select Holsteins - $no test
Fat Hfrts. - $75-$90
Weigh Cows 557 head):
Fed Cows: $57-$66 w/Top up to $72
Lean Cows: $45-$55
Low Yield: $35-$45
Premium Bulls: $up to $78

Bulk of Bulls: $60-$70
Cutting Bulls: $85-$90
Preg open hfrs: $110-$120
Hfrts: $65-$85

Bred Female Auction, Wed, Dec 5th:
We sold 1030 Bred Cows & Bred Hfrs Wednesday. Buyer activity was stronger than in quite some time. The lower weigh cow market sure puts some pressure on the overall trade. A can’t believe the weekend storm helped very much either. Here are the ranges:
Top end AI hfrs: $1650-$1875, with most $1675-$1750
Front end Bull Bred Hfrs: $1400-$1550
Other Bred Hfrs: $1250-$1400
Most Young Cows: $1100-$1500 w/top of $1750
Med Age Cows: $850-$1150
Aged Cows: $700-$875
You can piece some small packages of cows together that are sure young enough form $900-$1100. These cows sure look like a pretty good buy!
Bred Female Auction, Wed, Dec 12th:
The Denny Topf Cow auction went really well on Wednesday. Selling near 600 head majority of hfrs weigh from 1100-1150# ranges were $1600-1750 w/a top of $1950.
Smaller frame bred Hfers $1500-1600.
2nd calf hfrs: $2100
3rd Calf Cows: $1850-$1875
Balance of Young Cows: $1200-$1375
Solid mouth Cows: $1175-$1250
Aged Cows: $1045

Next Bred Cow Special
Wednesday, December 19th

Feeder Cattle Auction Fri, Nov 30th:
We sold short of 1800 head of Friday’s Western Iowa Precondition auction. With nearly 75 consignors the sale featured several small bunches. There were 400 drafts, having them all weaned & vaccinated sure makes a difference. Here are some results.
13 Strs 453# @ $181.00
6   Strs 519# @ $174.00
16 Strs 612# @ $163.50
39 Strs 740# @ $157.50
27 Strs 836# @ $146.00
13 Hfrs 553# @ $150.00
39 Hfrs 680# @ $145.25
24 Hfrs 710# @ $143.00