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We had a great night in Earling for the parish auction. Near 45 thousand rose. It's an honor to help these parishes keep those buildings looking so beautiful. How about the markets? Cattle continue to smoke along with prices at levels that are continually surprising many people. Numbers are significantly short. Demand is fantastic and a weak dollar making exports so appealing. We hope and pray somehow world leaders can get things figured out and bring peace back into the process!

Fed Cattle/Weigh Cows Tues, July 15th:
With the board turning back higher fat cattle were sure better. A summer rally is very encouraging! We sure could use more fat cattle and weigh cows to satisfy demand! Our weigh cow auction was a little stronger on Tuesday. Burgers on the grill are still about as good as it gets! We won't run out of cows but we might run short of cows to kill? You wanna see fats get high wait till they need them for the burger!!

Fat Cattle (303  head):
Str. Top - $156.75
Str. Choice - $154-$156.75
Str. Select/Choice - $150-$154
2-Ways - $155-$167
Hfr. Top - $155.75
Hfr. Choice - $153-$155.75
Hfr. Select/Choice - $150-$153
2-Ways - $155-$160
Choice Holsteins - $135-$142.50
Select Holsteins - $120-$130
Fat Hfrts. - $125-$135
Weigh Cows (185)  head:  
Top Cows: $118-$128
Bulk: $108-$117
Low Yield: $75-$100
Premium Bulls: $140-$148
Bulk of Bulls: $128-$140
Cutting Bulls: $120-$140
Preg open hfrs: $145-$165
Hfrts: $110-$140

Feeder Cattle, Friday, July 15th:
Sold 300 head of feeders on a higher market. With cheaper corn demand is still rising. Here are some results:
11  Strs 407# @ $311.00
31  Strs 474# @ $297.00
    Strs 482# @ $326.00
 Strs 514# @ $296.00
 Strs 738# @ $234.00
7   Strs 863# @ $204.00
11  Hfrs 407# @ $258.00
  Hfrs 475# @ $245.00
  Hfrs 548# @ $234.00 

Our next feeder cattle special is Friday August 1st. Please call the office for an on the farm appraisal.


BRED FEMALE Tues, July 15th:
Smaller run of Breds & Pairs selling 200 breds and pairs on very active trade. Here are the Ranges:

Young Pairs: $2800-$3350
Med Age Pairs: $2000-$2650
Aged Pairs: $1800-$2450
Young Breds: $2400-$2700
Fall Breds: $2100-$2600

Thank you so much for your business. Don’t forget our next
Bred Female Auction  on Tuesday, July 22nd.



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