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Fairs are happening all over the Midwest. Our 4-County fair in Dunlap starts this Friday night. There are so many volunteers who give their talents and muscle to make these events happen. To all of you serving on the fair boards we at the Dunlap Livestock Auction send out a big thanks. As a parent of a 4-Her I truly realize how important all your hard work is, thank you again!! 
Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Pam Brosamle. Rest in Peace.

Fed Cattle/Weigh Cows Tues, July 22nd:
There is an old saying about trains that somewhat describes this market. Get on or get off but don’t stand in front of it. Futures continue their assault upwards. Fed cattle traded $10 cwt. higher than last week. Feeder auctions are off the charts with a USDA reported sale in the sand hills of $3/lb. on a pot load of 600# strs. Just a month or so ago I was talking about $3/lb. on 4 wts. and now I’m hearing about $4/lb on 4 wts. As of right now cow owners are “on the train”! Weigh cows & bulls continue upward with impressive price levels. Bulls and fat cattle basically the same price, cows not far behind. It’s gonna be damn hard expanding when we keep killing the factory.

Fat Cattle (300  head):
Str. Top - $161.50
Str. Choice - $155-$161.50
Str. Select/Choice - $150-$154
2-Ways - $162-$174.50
Hfr. Top - $157
Hfr. Choice - $154-$157
Hfr. Select/Choice - $150-$153
2-Ways - $158-$168
Choice Holsteins - $137-$145
Select Holsteins - $125-$135
Fat Hfrts. - $125-$140
Weigh Cows (181)  head:  
Top Cows: $126-$137
Bulk: $113-$125
Low Yield: $75-$100
Premium Bulls: $154-$157
Bulk of Bulls: $138-$150
Cutting Bulls: $130-$160
Preg open hfrs: $150-$175
Hfrts: $110-$140

Feeder Cattle, Friday, July 15th:
Sold 300 head of feeders on a higher market. With cheaper corn demand is still rising. Here are some results:
11  Strs 407# @ $311.00
31  Strs 474# @ $297.00
    Strs 482# @ $326.00
 Strs 514# @ $296.00
 Strs 738# @ $234.00
7   Strs 863# @ $204.00
11  Hfrs 407# @ $258.00
  Hfrs 475# @ $245.00
  Hfrs 548# @ $234.00 

Our next feeder cattle special is Friday August 1st. Please call the office for an on the farm appraisal.


BRED FEMALE Tues, July 22nd:
We had a nice string of pairs that topped at $3300. Our next cow special on Aug 5th is shaping up to be an awfully good one.



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