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The HEAT IS ON! Whew with all this humidity the corn seems happy. We were lucky to have caught a couple of inches of rain and this week’s forecast seems to be moderating. Great auction crowd Sunday night at the Portsmouth Parish festival. That ends our Parish festivals in Shelby County for the year. It’s amazing to see such great home town support. Don’t forget our 4 county Fair is coming up starting Aug 7th. Our deepest sympathy to the Pat Clubine family of Mapleton on his recent & sudden passing.

Fed Cattle/Weigh Cows Tues, July 21st:
Nice run of fed cattle that are slowly falling back. We need to right that ship as soon as possible. Weigh cows were higher. Next weigh cow special Aug 11th.
Fat Cattle (285 head):
Str. Top - $149
Str. Choice - $147-$149
Str. Select/Choice -$145-$147
2-Ways - $150-$156
Hfr. Top - $149
Hfr. Choice - $147-$149
Hfr. Select/Choice -$145-$147
2-Ways - $no test
Choice Holsteins - $130-$135
Select Holsteins - $126-$128
Fat Hfrts. - $120-$130
Weigh Cows 164 head):  
Top Cows: $110-$120
Bulk: $100-$110
Low Yield: $85-$100
Premium Bulls: $140-$145
Bulk of Bulls: $133-$140
Cutting Bulls: $145-$165
Preg open hfrs: $153-$175
Hfrts: $135-$160


Feeder Cattle Fri, June 19th:
The strength of the calf/yrlg market is so impressive. Friday’s auction was very well attended and extremely active. Thank you to all the buyers & sellers. Here are some actual sales.
17 Strs 193# @ $505.00/lb.
Strs 262# @ $420.00
59 Strs 326# @ $380.00
10 Strs 413# @ $362.50
22 Strs 501# @ $297.00
128 Strs 711# @ $260.00
35 Strs 842# @ $228.00
24 Hfrs 412# @ $292.50
50 Hfrs 507# @ $268.50
48 Hfrs 531# @ $255.00
15 Hfrs 617# @ $250.00
70 Hfrs 816# @ $211.75

56 Hfrs 879# @ $200.00
39 Replacement Hfrs 672# @ $271.00

On Tuesday, July 28th: We had a real nice run of feeders with an outstanding trade, led by 21 green bulls 771# @ $214. Thanks everyone.

Don’t forget our 65th anniversary BBQ auction on Friday, Aug. 7th. We have several strings listed and if you have calves or yrlings to market please give us a call for an on the farm appraisal. We will be serving free BBQ all day and will have some world class auctioneers here selling all day.



Bred Female/Pairs Tuesday, July 28th:
Our cow special on Tuesday was fantastic. With ample moisture in several areas, selling Bred stock this late in the season is a much easier affair. Thanks to all buyers and sellers for making it so good. We offered near 450 head. Here are some ranges
Young Pairs $2800-$3200
Med Age Pairs $2300-$2800
Young Fall Breds $2350-$2800
Med Age Fall Breds $2100-$2500

Our next cow special is our 65th Anniversary auction on Tues, August 11th. Featured will be several outstanding strings of spring & fall calving bred Hfrs.




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