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Information about the upcoming Vote for the Iowa Beef Checkoff. Please click here and read about it. Then get out and vote!!
I’ve been very critical of how our national cattleman’s group worked tirelessly to defeat County of Origin labeling (COOL). If I’m wrong that the labeling law was beneficial to our industry I’d sure like someone to prove it to me. In the summer of 2015 when the US House of Representatives repealed COOL our markets were strong. Since then they have put the board in a free fall. We have other problems that need solved like getting more cash cattle to trade on an open and competitive market. Captive supply has been killing us for years but most recently when just a small percentage trades on the cash market it leaves some serious price discovery problems. Friday the cattle on feed report looked extremely friendly with placements 5% under expectations, hopefully we’ll have some follow through strength this week. It looks like everyone is finally putting a big dent in the bean harvest, boy has this been some work!! Congratulations to all the area teams who qualified for the football playoffs. What an exciting time of the year. Don’t forget about the upcoming vote on the start-up of a 50 cent per head Iowa beef checkoff. Just like our election coming up on November 8th it is so important to vote! Thank you for your inquiries on Goservglobal.org. This is a great group trying to do fantastic humanitarian things. They need help. Please consider donating to this very deserving cause!

Fed Cattle/Weigh Cows Tues, October 18th:
Fed cattle were fully steady and it just feels like we might have a chance to break out of this funk. Boy would that be nice. Weigh cows/bulls were very active but still selling at prices that are sure disappointing. Lots of supply in the next few weeks but I’d guess that should dwindle by Thanksgiving. Speaking of Thanksgiving, give the Turkey a pardon and get that loin gathered up this week. A good cryovac loin bought this week would have a perfect 30 day age by the time you put it on the grill Nov 24th.
Fat Cattle (330 head):
Str. Top - $98.50
Str. Choice - $97-$98.50
Str. Select/Choice -$94-$96
2-Ways - $no test
Hfr. Top - $97.70
Hfr. Choice - $97-$97.70
Hfr. Select/Choice -$94-$96
2-Ways - $no test
Choice Holsteins - $no test
Select Holsteins - $no test
Fat Hfrts. - $no test
Weigh Cows 92 head):  
High Yielding: $63-$68
Bulk: $53-$60
Low Yield: $40-$50
Premium Bulls: $85-$87
Bulk of Bulls: $78-$84
Low Yielding Bulls: $70-$75
Preg open hfrs: $85-$95
Hfrts: $70-$80

Feeder Cattle Fri, Oct 7th: 
The feeder sale on Friday felt much like the fat cattle auction. Very strong buyer activity but on a lower market. Our compliments once again to our producers for having nearly all calves with full shots. One notable producer’s calves topped the sale with his green tagged non weaned calves. While last year he sold bull calves at a $15.00/cwt discount. Vaccination always pays.

If you have calves or yrlings to market please give us a call for an on the farm appraisal. Next auction is Tuesday, October 18th.

Bred Female/Pairs Oct 18th:
We had excellent buyer activity on our cow special. 42 Blk 2nd calf Hfrs brought $1420. Two pot loads of the 1st calf Hfrs brought $1320-$1350. Pairs topped out at $1500.

  Like I’ve always said we love the cow business! Thank you again. We have cow special on November 1st