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What a great party Saturday night in Anthon for the Woodbury County Cattleman’s banquet. Over 400 served a great steak by Staleys. Beer was cold, women were beautiful, and Terry Petersen was selected as cattleman of the year. Congrats!! In addition Al & Polly Pithan celebrated 45 years of marriage that night. Congrats to a fantastic couple! We invite all to the 5 mile house in Westside for the Crawford County Cattleman’s banquet this Saturday, Jan 31st. I have several bull auctions coming up in the next few weeks. Jan 31st in West Point, Neb is J&C Simmental with 140 mostly Blk Sim. Feb 7th in Marne is Larsen Angus, On Feb 8, 9, & 10th at the Iowa Beef Expo I’ll be conducting the Maine Anjou, Simmental & Red Angus Auctions. If you are in need of some stout, pound making bulls, please don’t hesitate to call.
We extend our deepest sympathy to the Hanigan family of Dunlap on the passing of their mother, Patsy. Wow what a magnificent woman! Our community will miss her greatly.

Fed Cattle/Weigh Cows Tues, Jan 20th:
Tuesday’s fed cattle trade was very active but sure done at lower figures. Bulk of the cattle $158-$160. Weigh cows were quite a different story. The winter blues has darn sure hit that market. I talked to a good friend in California; dairy dial is in the doldrums. Milk prices have tanked and cull dairy cows have flooded the market. In addition all the cows put on feed this fall are hitting the market and are really putting pressure on the fleshy cows. Ground beef demand is awesome. I guess I don’t have a crystal ball on the dairy industry, but I sure feel this weigh cow deal will be better in the near future. Let’s hope so!

Fat Cattle (273 head):
Str. Top - $161.25
Str. Choice - $167-$161.25
Str. Select/Choice - $155-$157
2-Ways - $160-$170
Hfr. Top - $162
Hfr. Choice - $158-$162
Hfr. Select/Choice - $154-$157
2-Ways - $no test
Choice Holsteins - $140-$146.50
Select Holsteins - $no test
Fat Hfrts. - $no test
Weigh Cows 399 head):  
Top Cows: $102-$110
Bulk: $94-$102
Low Yield: $80-$90
Premium Bulls: $130-$134.50
Bulk of Bulls: $120-$130
Cutting Bulls: $140-$160
Preg open hfrs: $155-$188.50
Hfrts: $130-$150

FEEDER CATTLE, Fri, Jan 23rd:
My gosh does it sound like a broken record, had a bad record at that. Limit down futures again. After starting 2015 on the right foot we have seen limit lower moves on the last 3 Friday. I’m hoping a somewhat friendly cattle on feed report Friday maybe will support this thing a bit. The big blizzard out east I’m sure will have traders a bit uneasy. We’ll see how this week plays out. Here are results from Friday’ Auction.
16  Strs 550# @ $274.00
 Strs 558# @ $260.00
 Strs 697# @ $222.50
Strs 701# @ $222.50
 Strs 800# @ $210.00
8    Hfrs 366# @ $287.00
15  Hfrs 550# @ $240.00
56  Hfrs 671# @ $209.00
22  Hfrs 724# @ $199.50
131  Hfrs 776# @ $195.00

Western Iowa Precondition Calf/Yrlg sale Friday, January 30th @ 11am

Our next feeder cattle special is Friday Feb 6th. Please call the office for an on the farm appraisal.

BRED FEMALE Wed, Jan 21st:
We had a fantastic Bred Female auction Wednesday. Sold just short of 1300 head to a house full of buyers. Our quality was first class and was received unbelievably well. We marketed just short of 600 bred hfrs. The average price was $2626. That includes short breds & everything else from soup to nuts! I was so happy with that. However look at what they are producing. A good 500# str. today fetches somewhere around $1500. If we can get anywhere around that next year that makes that hfr a pretty cheap coming 2nd calver.  Here are the ranges on Wednesday:
Front End Hfrs: $2850-$3100
Med Cut Hfrs: $2500-$2700
Balance of Hfrs: $2200-$2500
Young Cows Front end: $2700-$3050
Balance of Youngs: $2350-$2600
Med Age Cows: $2000-$2400
Aged Cows: $1500-$2000

Next Bred Female/Pairs Auction is Wednesday Feb 4th @ 11am



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