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I’m looking out my window early Monday and sun is coming up, it appears to be a wonderful day. The weatherman is sure alarming me about Tuesday though. You can’t change the weather but sometimes it just sucks. Speaking of things to make you annoyed. How about all those political phone calls? That gets darn irritating. However I feel we are extremely lucky in Iowa to be such an important part of the process. I was thinking how lucky we are to live in this magnificent county!

Fed Cattle/Weigh Cows Tues, Jan 26th:
Fed cattle were $3-5 higher. Gosh that sounds nice. Weigh cows were basically steady. We sure could use more fed cattle and it’s nice that market is heading in the right direction. Please note we have special weigh cow auctions on Tues, Feb 16 & Tues March 1st.
Fat Cattle (169 head):
Str. Top - $130.75
Str. Choice - $127-$130.75
Str. Select/Choice -$124-$126
2-Ways - $no test
Hfr. Top - $130.50
Hfr. Choice - $127-$130.50
Hfr. Select/Choice -$124-$126
2-Ways - $no test
Choice Holsteins - $no test
Select Holsteins - $no test
Fat Hfrts. - $no test
Weigh Cows 222 head):
Top Cows: $77-$88
Bulk: $68-$76
Low Yield: $58-$65
Premium Bulls: $105-$110
Bulk of Bulls: $95-$105
Cutting Bulls: $no test
Preg open hfrs: $110-$125
Hfrts: $80-$100

Feeder Cattle Fri, January 29th:
Friday’s big precondition auction was helped along by decent futures heading up to auction day and a fed cattle market that wants to get better. The board was strongly lower Friday but that didn’t seem to diminish buyer enthusiasm. The big blizzard forecast had me bothered a bit but feed yards seemed to take that potential news quite well. So thank you buyers for giving our producers a great market. As for our sellers I was amazed at the quality of offering. In addition keeping these cattle as clean & well presented is a testament to how hard you all work. It is a pleasure working for you. We offered just short of 3900 head and were basically done in 5 hours. Thank you to our crew for a great job done.  

Here are some actual sales. Heavy weight steers were dollars stronger.
6   Strs 444# @ $234.00
30 Strs 518# @ $207.25
12 Strs 553# @ $199.25
11 Strs 602# @ $185.00
20 Strs 659# @ $180.50
24 Strs 709# @ $169.00
30 Strs 764# @ $164.25
53 Strs 811# @ $160.00
20 Strs 865# @ $156.00
30 Strs 875# @ $155.50
30 Hfrs 508# @ $177.50
33 Hfrs 531# @ $183.50
28 Hfrs 548# @ $175.25
24 Hfrs 655# @ $166.00
66 Hfrs 676# @ $162.00
83 Hfrs 675# @ $154.25
37 Hfrs 713# @ $153.00
21 Hfrs 730# @ $157.00

 If you have calves or yrlings to market please give us a call for an on the farm appraisal.

Western Iowa Precondition Auction Friday, Feb 5th.

Bred Female/Pairs Wed, Jan 20th:
Wednesday's Bred Female Auction was fantastic. We sold 1250 Head on a very active market. Best Bred Hfr trade of the season. Here are some results and ranges.
Young Cows Front End  $2000-$2450

Balance Young

Med Age

Age Cows

1st Calf Hfrs Front End

Next Cut

In fact there were 431 1st Calf Hfrs that weighed over 1000# and the average price was $2,004/hd. Thank you so much to the great crop of buyers.