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Information about the upcoming Vote for the Iowa Beef Checkoff. Please click here and read about it. Then get out and vote!!
Friday’s mercantile activity was very disheartening. I thought we might end the week positively and trade fed cattle higher. Well I had it wrong again. Most of the day Friday had a severe downturn and packers used it again to their advantage taking fed cattle down. It is no doubt that the board is running the show! As most of us are getting close or starting on harvest please be careful. Fall is such a wonderful time of the year. Let’s hope for some drier weather and the chance to get this crop out in a good quick fashion. Congratulations to all the area families who did so well showing livestock at Aksarben, Don’t forget about the upcoming vote on the Iowa Beef Checkoff. We have information out or please contact the Iowa Cattleman’s office if you have questions.

Fed Cattle/Weigh Cows Tues, September 20th:
Fed cattle were quoted $2 higher & that’s the first time we’ve been higher in some time. A much pleasant change. If I gave you my true works and feelings about the weigh cow market the papers would censor me. Unfortunately at these figures there doesn’t seem we can do much about it.
Fat Cattle (388 head):
Str. Top - $108
Str. Choice - $105-$108
Str. Select/Choice -$103-$105
2-Ways - $no test
Hfr. Top - $107
Hfr. Choice - $105-$107
Hfr. Select/Choice -$103-$105
2-Ways - $no test
Choice Holsteins - $88-$92.50
Select Holsteins - $80-$88
Fat Hfrts. - $no test
Weigh Cows 189 head):  
High Yielding: $70-$80
Bulk: $60-$70
Low Yield: $50-$60
Premium Bulls: $90-$92
Bulk of Bulls: $80-$90
Low Yielding Bulls: $75-$80
Preg open hfrs: $95-$100
Hfrts: $75-$90

Feeder Cattle Fri, Sept 23rd: 
We sold just short of 2100 feeders Friday that consisted of mostly new crop calves off cows. Complements to the producers that the majority of calves are green tagged vaccinated. Feeder futures for the most of the day Friday were severely lower and extremely hot weather conditions didn’t help the market at all. Thank you again to buyers and sellers. Here are some actual sales.

9     Strs 401# @ $163.00
22   Strs 521# @ $153.00
34   Strs 523# @ $151.00
36   Strs 545# @ $149.00
61   Strs 685# @ $143.50
32   Strs 740# @ $139.00
11   Hfrs  404# @ $152.00
19   Hfrs  464# @ $155.00
36   Hfrs  471# @ $140.00
21   Hfrs  501# @ $139.00
149   Holstein Strs  654# @ $87.25

If you have calves or yrlings to market please give us a call for an on the farm appraisal. Next auction is Friday, October 7th.

Bred Female/Pairs Sept 20th:
Quality was strong though out Tuesday’s auction. The reputation mellow yellow bred hfrs topped out at $1875. One fancy draft of Bwf Hfrs brought $1675. 2 pot-loads of Black bred hfrs brought $1490.00. Fall calvers traded at $1200-$1400 and fall pairs were mostly $1300-$1500.

  Like I’ve always said we love the cow business! Thank you again. We have cow special on October 4th