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As we move into the month of December and the heart of livestock marketing season here in the Midwest we want to say thank you to all of the hard working beef producers who do such a wonderful job producing the very best protein source anywhere in the world. This past week was just phenomenal with prices that reflect the current numbers crisis we face in the beef industry. Fed cattle traded for the first time over $170 live. A 1400# steer fetching over $2400 is an amazing feat in itself. Of course with cost of grains where they are at it has 850# steers bringing $2000/hd. I’ve been preaching for some time about how the industry needed to “buy” a calf crop. There needed to be enough of a financial incentive to raise more beef. I think hopefully we’ve found those levels. The beef industry and its producers are resilient. Those that have stood the test of time are finally being rewarded for it. Finally all of us here at Dunlap Livestock wish you all a most bountiful Thanksgiving. I hope your beef dish turns out rare and delicious, I hope the family stories are great and plentiful, and please give thanks to the many opportunities we are afforded just because we were born in the greatest country in the world.  

Fed Cattle/Weigh Cows Tues, Nov 18th:
Wow what an exciting day at the fed cattle auction, Out of the gate buyers were swinging at a tremendous set of fed cattle. All-time highs were set in our auction on finished steers and heifers. Thank you so much to our customers for supporting the competitive method of livestock marketing. Weigh cows were better on the weigh cow special. Overall quality was significantly better than the week before. Please note weigh cow specials on Tuesday, Dec 2nd, Dec 16th, & 30th.

Fat Cattle (416 head):
Str. Top - $172.75
Str. Choice - $167-$172.75
Str. Select/Choice - $161-$165
2-Ways - $165-$175
Hfr. Top - $170.50
Hfr. Choice - $167-$170.50
Hfr. Select/Choice - $162-$165
2-Ways - $no test
Choice Holsteins - $140-$145
Select Holsteins - $130-$140
Fat Hfrts. - $135-$145
Weigh Cows 318 head):  
Top Cows: $118-$128
Bulk: $108-$118
Low Yield: $90-$105
Premium Bulls: $140-$146
Bulk of Bulls: $130-$140
Cutting Bulls: $no test
Preg open hfrs: $185-$210
Hfrts: $150-$200

FEEDER CATTLE, Fri, Nov 21st:
Friday’s feeder auction was one of our most successful November auctions ever. Nearly 2300 head on an extremely active market. We really appreciate everyone who had the opportunity to get their cattle green tagged vaccinated. The majority of the calves were off the cow but the quality and flesh condition was much better than we have seen in week’s past. Flesh condition, vaccination status and genetics are the factors determining price. Obviously the highest prices are achieved by those cattle excelling in these traits.
Here are some results.
10  Strs 351# @ $379.00
11  Strs 464# @ $330.00

14  Strs 533# @ $300.00
 Strs 651# @ $264.00
 Strs 667# @ $263.00
 Strs 831# @ $234.75
 Strs 854# @ $235.00
9    Hfrs 374# @ $342.50
9    Hfrs 449# @ $294.00
13  Hfrs 511# @ $287.00
13  Hfrs 610# @ $255.00
15  Hfrs 665# @ $261.00
25  Hfrs 804# @ $223.00

Western Iowa Precondition Calf/Yrlg sale Friday, December 5th @ 11am

Our next feeder cattle special is Friday December 12th. Please call the office for an on the farm appraisal.  



Tuesday’s cow special had the largest crowd we’ve seen in several months. Always nice when harvest is near complete. Quality was super and we had a very nice run, 1530 total head Tuesday. The market was steady on the bred hfrs. The string of mellow yellow Charolais hfrs were the “talk” of the barn and 21 head of thise fetched $3900.00. Here are the range on the rest of the sale. 1st calf hfrs: $2350-$2850. Young fall breds: $2500-$3100, Young spring breds $2300-$2750, Young fall pairs $2600-$3200.

Next Bred Female/Pairs Auction is Tues, Nov 26th



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